Feeling stressed, insecure, overwhelmed?

Here’s how you can finish your research in a way more efficient, relaxed, and fun way,

without getting into conflict with your supervisor(s) and/or burn out.

Over 8 yrs of knowledge

From education and experience

Without stress

Quick and efficient towards that finish!

Relax and have fun

Re-invent the fun in doing science

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Massive productivity

By working LESS, not more

Sustainable results

By a step by step method


Provenly effective

By science and experience

Effective meetings

With your supervisor(s)

Do you recognize this?

❌ You feel insecure about basically everything you do

❌ You are (sometimes) afraid to hit the ‘send’ button to e-mail your supervisor(s)

❌ You sometimes wonder if you are ‘cut out for this’

Your to do list expands faster than it reduces

❌ You feel like you are failing and work-life is out of balance

You feel nervous when you have to talk to your supervisor(s)

❌ You think you won’t finish your PhD in time

❌ You find it difficult to relax and have fun in practicing science

❌ You feel like an imposter sometimes.

You wonder if you are cut out to be a good scientist, and that makes you work even harder:

🚨 You say ‘yes’ to every task your supervisor gives you

🚨 You work more hours and/or in your spare time

🚨 You do extra analyses to take your paper to the next level

🚨 You plan your agenda more strictly to increase efficiency

🚨 In your mind you are still working when you want to fall asleep

🚨 You try and impress your supervisor(s)

🚨 You respond to e-mails as quickly as you can

🚨 You overlook your draft or practice your presentation once more

And so on…


You try to work MORE, and doing everything FASTER and BETTER.

But eventually, this takes you further from your goal…

Because when you start working harder, there is no end. There is always more to do in science and it will NEVER be perfect.

It is impossible to avoid negative feedback, because it is the way the academic environment works and it is sort of ‘obligated’ in science. And when you try to do something perfectly, this will affect you even more.

When you say ‘yes’ to everything, your supervisor(s) will keep adding more tasks, because they think you apparently have time to spare. Your to do list will keep on growing, and finishing your research or PhD on time is not a priority anymore.

When you are trying and working hard, this does NOT give the best and most qualitative results. You are doing all this ‘less important’ stuff, that will keep you from doing the most important thing: finishing your research or PhD.

When you never rest and refuel in time, this is making you more tired and miserable. And then there is a long way to go to just ‘power through’…

Have you ever thought something like; “When this is finished, then it will be better”. Or; “When this period of time is over, I am going to prioritize my own project”. Or; “When I have finished this analysis, it is done”

All these “When…, then…” – thoughts are in our human minds a lot! And be honest, did things get better then? Or were they done?

Things can be different…

Imagine this:

You don’t feel stressed about your PhD anymore

You re-invent the fun in doing science

You achieve much more while working less

You don’t feel anxious anymore talking to your supervisor(s)

You work the way YOU want, not the way others want

You don’t feel insecure anymore or like an imposter

You can communicate better with your supervisor(s)

You manage your own mental health and stress level

You feel confident to set boundaries and tell your supervisor(s) ‘NO’

You have a healthy and happy work-life balance

Let me teach you how to achieve all that in the Practice Healthy Science program!

“A program that changed my entire life”

Phase 1: Get insight

  • Into the communication dynamics with your supervisor
  • Into what makes you insecure, stressed, anxious, or depressed
  • Into how stress works neurobiologically in order to understand why you keep feeling stressed

Phase 2: Communicate effectively

  • Learn how to get what you want without conflict
  • Pick your battles in what to address 
  • Set boundaries and say ‘NO’ in a tacticle way
  • Discover what is holding you back in doing so and break through that

Phase 3: Cope with stress, anxiety, and depression

  • Use your insights in the previous phases to tackle these feelings
  • Learn how to assess your own mental health status 
  • Create a good mind-body connection
  • Learn ways to manage your stress level

Phase 4: Let the energy flow

  • Learn what your personal energy givers and energy takers are
  • Work towards energy balance
  • Refuel and relax in the right way
  • Benefit from the optimal ways to exercise, eat, and sleep

Phase 5: Become world champion FOCUS

  • Learn very simple methods to highly focus and avoid distractions
  • Apply valuable breaks to be more creative
  • Train you attention and learn how to shift your focus consciously
  • Create your personal daily focus routine, create healthy habits

Phase 6: Develop your own gameplan

  • Define your own rules
  • Create your own most efficient routine 
  • Learn how to work less and produce more
  • Apply healthy habits in order to peak perform again and again
  • Enjoy and have fun!


Ask me all your questions in the Research Community

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By a step by step method


Ask away

In the Community and workshops


Community in which you can ask me all your questions (unlimited!)

Accessible from anywhere

A step by step process to achieve sustainable results

Set up your ultimate gameplan and use it over and over again

Help from an actual licensed therapist and neuropsychologist

24/7 available content

In your own pace

Always a quick answer to your question

Feel the support of other PhD’s that struggle with the same issues


Including immediately available BONUS workshops

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Peak performance of the brain

When you are doing research, you are performing on the highest possible level cognitively. You have to make use of your compatible brain.

But when you are stressed, feeling anxious or depressed, your brain cannot perform on that level:

❌ you can’t concentrate

❌ you lose overview

❌ you might forget things

❌ you cannot be creative

your head feels full or clouded

But in order to set those performances and finish your research, you need your brain to work properly.

If you cannot make use of your brain in an optimal way, you are not in control. And are not capable to peak perform in science.  What I would like for you is that you FEEL IN CONTROL AND CAPABLE!

Take the control over the things you can control, and let go of the things you can’t.

⛔ Let the pressure, demands, and comments from the academic environment and your supervisors NOT get to you

✅ Stop procrastinating, tackle your perfectionism, don’t feel like an imposter anymore, work smarter, don’t get frustrated as much, and don’t feel disappointed and alone anymore

Within each module, there are several lessons with video content, practical exercises, and tools you can immediately incorporate into your daily life.

Module 1: Introduction to the program

Module 2: Let’s talk about stress

Module 3: Communication dynamics in academia

Module 4: What triggers you?

Module 5: Become the person you want to be

Module 6: Strategies

Module 7: Communicate effectively

Module 8: Setting boundaries and say ‘no’

Module 9: Addressing your own concerns

Module 10: What is holding you back?

Module 11: Breaking taboos

Module 12: Short term pain is long term gain

Module 13: Dealing with negative thoughts

Module 14: Increasing your mind-body connection

Module 15: How to go through negative things

Module 16: Living by what you value

Module 17: More positive energy

Module 18: Refuel in the right way

Module 19: Become world champion FOCUS

Module 20: Train your attention

Module 21: Your personal game plan

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting

And besides all this, you have access to the Research Community for full support (from me and like-minded researchers)

Including BONUS-workshops that are immediately available:

  • Dealing with Perfectionism
  • Beat your inner Imposter
  • Work-life Balance


I am not a PhD student, is this also helpful for me?

If you recognize yourself in the stress and insecurities that I describe here on the page and you do science, then YES, this program is for you. 

In the academic environment there is a lot of competition, dominance, and pressure. I will teach you how to deal with that and to work more efficiently.

I am not stressed that much, but I do want to learn how to be most efficient

At first we are going to focus on the mental health part, to built a strong foundation to move forward. 

Then, after a few weeks, we go into depth about efficiency and productivity. So have some patience, we will get there.

In the first part you also get a lot of insight into the dynamics within the academic environment and communication styles, which can be very helpful even when you are not that stressed.

I don't have that much mental health problems, is this for me?

Yes, definitely, because you probably feel like they might worsen. And the academic world is built upon the insecurities you have. So in order to prevent yourself from burning out, this program is very fitting.

I have an actual mental health disorder, is this enough for me?

To me it does not matter whether you have a diagnosis or not, we are all humans. The things I will teach you have proven to be effective for every person who has to achieve high performances. 

In the program, we will also have a workshop about Neurodivergence and science, that would be very suitable for you. 

It might also be wise to get some help for your disorder, apart from this, because we only talk about how this would work within science.

Any other questions? Send an e-mail to info@healthyscience.online

€77,- a month

Direct access and you can quit every month by simply sending an e-mail