Free Masterclass: ​​​​​​​”Practice Healthy Science”

How to practice science in a healthy, relaxed and efficient way, without conflicts with your supervisor and/or burning out.

👉 By adapting a healthy coping style

👉 By reducing your own stresslevel

👉 By communicating more effectively

👉 By working SMARTER, not HARDER

Hi! I am Ires

I am an ex-PhD student and health care neuropsychologist (in Dutch; GZ-(neuro)psycholoog).

During my PhD, I went through a burnout. I had to deal with stress, anxiety, physical complaints, and depressive feelings.

When you go into a burnout you have a lot of time to reflect upon what made you go into a burnout, and also what you want to change when you go back to work.

I decided I wanted to do things differently in science, because the way I practiced it untill then was unhealthy for me. And we all know; if we keep doing the same thing, we end up in the same place. And that was something I wanted to avoid at any cost!

I started to learn about sport psychology, personal leadership, neuroscience, and mixed all that with my own background as a health care neuropsychologist and experience in helping others with their mental health challenges.

Eventually, I finished my PhD in half the time. I worked way more efficiently, way more relaxed, and got my enthousiasm for science back! 🙂

After finishing my PhD, I devoted my time to helping other researchers achieve the same results. Here are some people who shared their thoughts about the masterclass:

In this Masterclass you’ll discover:

✔ Why you do not have to feel like you’re failing, aren’t ‘up for the tasks’, or as an imposter

✔ How to practice science way more efficiently and relaxed (and with more fun!)

✔ What risk factors are associated with mental health issues in PhDs and how to self-assess your mental health status

✔ What is the most effective PhD stress management

✔ How you can feel more confident and practice science your own way, the way that works best for you

✔ Why the communication with your supervisor(s) is hard and why you feel stressed whenever you have a meeting with him/her

✔ How I managed to finish my PhD in 50% of the time; because of what I’ve learned during my burnout

✔ What you can do to get through this marathon (it is not a sprint!) in a sustainable way and not breaking down

This masterclass is for you if you are a researcher and…

▶ Having feelings and thoughts of doubt, uncertainty, failing, or chaos

▶ Are struggling with the demands of the academic environment

▶ Feel stressed and overwhelmed (maybe even feeling anxious or depressed)

▶ Want to work more relaxed and efficient, and stop procrastinating

▶ Want to improve the communication with your supervisor(s)

▶ Experience a low energy level or often feel tired

▶ You want to prevent yourself from burning out

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting

How does the masterclass work?

To make this masterclass available for everyone, it is online and in English.

You will be able to see only me, nobody else, and I won’t be able to see you. This is mainly to protect everyone’s privacy.

You can ask questions and respond through a private chat function, only I can see your message (again; privacy).

At the end of the masterclass we will have a more open discussion, so if you can, try to hold onto your questions untill then. Just to keep it a bit structured.

The masterclass (+ questions) will last around 75 minutes.

You’ll receive a recording of the masterclass afterwards. So no worries if you cannot make it or have to leave early.

If you have any questions, please contact me at any time through

I will meet you there! 🙂